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April 02, 2009


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have you read the Twilight books?? They are actually pretty awesome!! I haven't seen the movie yet but I loved the books and it's on my Netflix! :-)

Love and Hugs!

~ Kris


Hi Kristen!
I just picked up the set at Costco & am 3/4 done with the first one. They are an easy read and fun. The movie is a bit different from the layout of the book, but beautifully done.

I've been to Forks well before the series came out. It's fun.




Thanks E!!!


I started this series when I finished the Harry Potter series (didn't start reading them until the final book came out).

For the Twilight series, the first book is the best, but definitely targets the teen crowd. The second book was seriously disappointing, especially when you think of the target audience. I'll let you read it then we can chat. Three and four are good.

Did you like the movie?


I liked the movie. It definitely is a teen crowd pleasure. But the chemistry between Bella & Edward was well played. And visually it was beautiful.

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