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March 04, 2009


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Oh my gosh, I'm ALWAYS reading more then one book at a time - and in detail - thank you College for forcing me to do that.


My GRE study book
Angels and Demons (again before the movie comes out)
To Tame A Highland Warrior (yay for trashy romance novels for an over-taxed brain lol)
Kiss the Girls by James Patterson (I LOVE that man - his stories are amazing, twisting and turning right up to the last page!)

But then again - in college I'd balance 3-4 novels at a time as a History/English major so I'm kinda used to it.

Yay for books - they are my fav! :)

Hope all is well with you! Miss and love you! :)

~ Kristen


I want to read Angels & Demons, but think I need to read DaVinci Code again prior. It's on my list.

Well- with your majors I can see where reading multiple books at a time is a prerequisite.
Love you!


I've read both Angels & Demons and DaVinci Code - Angels & Demons is actually the prequel so I read it first and honestly I liked it better then DaVinci Code (but that might just be because most of it takes place in Italy and I love Italy more then Paris lol)

*Love and Hugs!!*


Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten Angels & Demons is the prequel. Paris is my heart. Loved Italy, but Paris it for me. :-)



Funny you should bring this up. I normally NEVER read more than one book at a time. But somehow the universe shifted and I have several books going at once. It is chaos for me!
1. I love to read cooking magazines and the newspaper. While these don't really count as "books", it kind of explains why I don't have a lot of "real" reading time to finish the books I've already started. I just subscribed to the Wall Street Journal and am so loving it.
2. I've been starting books and leaving them in my car on purpose so that I have something to read if caught with downtime at Starbucks, the dr. office, etc. Currently in my back seat are "Heat" and "Everybody Eats There". I'm obsessed with culinary non-fiction.
3. Stupid romance novels. Don't ask why. For some reason I started checking them out at the library and feel like I have to read them in hiding. Going through a cowboy phase right now. Need to read something else simultaneously otherwise I feel too guilty.
4. Stack of books by the bed not yet started. I usually wait until I'm on a plane to start a "real" book.
5. Bond Investing for Dummies.


Cooking magazines are the best! I also just spend a lot of time thumbing through my cookbooks.

I have learned to leave a few books in the car as I tend to end up at coffee shops or restaurants alone these days. Which can be perfectly enjoyable with a book in hand. Otherwise I end up buying a book before my dining out experience - which I don't need to do right now.

So laughed about the romance novels - I have to do the same thing if I am reading one.

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