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Jeannette, this sounds like a perfect goal and so much fun too. Would love to join you for training walks/runs whatever might be helpful for you. Understand the procrastination piece only too well but am finally on the right path myself. I have 3 nights after work at the small gym I attend for classes/workouts. It costs more than I should be spending but I finally have something that has worked really well for me. That and my fitbit! Cheers to you my friend, look forward to seeing you soon.


Hi Paula! That would be wonderful. I miss you!! Glad you've found something that is working for you. That's a major accomplishment in itself. On another note, I need to get my garden up and running for spring. Would you be interested in trading labor on a Saturday or Sunday AM in each other's gardens? For me, I run out of steam to get mine completely prepped then fight with it all summer long. Let me know! My next two weekends are pretty open.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

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